Happy is he who is interested in the poor! On the day of misfortune the Eternal delivers him. Psalm 41 -1

Truly I tell you, as soon as you did it to one of these little brothers of mine, you did it to me. Matthew 25:40

The Children of today are The Adults of tomorrow!!!

“Your Help Changes Life”

Welcome to the website of the Organization for the Development and Advancement of Saint Jean du Sud. We are a non-profit and apolitical humanitarian association, it was founded in Masson in the year 2012 on March 15 in the 1st communal section of Saint Jean du Sud, helping children their parents, that is to say helping vulnerable people in the community to obtain a good social education help them have financial access to school help them have access to a profession, support them in their activities and provide them with two hot meals a day.

Our mission is to support children and their parents wherever there is a need, and to work towards improving the living conditions of people in the community and its members, the specific objective is to work towards improve the living conditions of peasants and children on the economic, social, spiritual and moral levels.

Encourage the participation of peasants in the development of the country’s agriculture. Establish development projects in the field of health, education and agriculture. Develop and apply a development strategy in organizations. We believe that every person has the right to a better life, regardless of their life situation and our organization’s emblem is two flat hands and the motto is to unite for progress. We are determined to help these people overcome their difficulties and offer them a better future.

Join us in our mission to help these children and their families live with dignity and hope. We need your support and solidarity to continue our important work.

To achieve this mission.​

To achieve this mission, we have decided to make solidarity and charity a priority. This is why we have set up a partnership with several volunteers present on the ground in Haiti, in order to guarantee an equitable distribution of aid to the most needy people.

We are convinced that everyone can contribute to this noble cause, which is why we encourage anyone wishing to support our actions to contact us or to make a donation on our website. Together we can make a difference and offer valuable assistance to those in need.

Food parcels.

Do you also want to help, We hope to need your donation to provide food parcels. We convert your donation into food parcels together, we distribute them to people in need.


This sponsorship project gives you the opportunity to improve the living and schooling conditions of children by paying them $100 per month and the most vulnerable people, the elderly and the disabled. Thanks to this monthly aid you will allow these children and their parents and also these vulnerable people to meet their basic needs in nutrition, schooling, health care, etc.

The school project

Our EDUCATION project consists of raising awareness of the importance of access to education in order to build another generation. For this, we distribute school kits to schoolchildren and thanks to the funds raised, hundreds of backpacks will be offered, so many children will have a very good start to school and build professional centers for young people to learn a trade. to help themselves.

The environment

Distribute materials for the environment to transform raw materials into finished products such as Lame Veritable into flour, peanuts into peanut butter, cassava into flour, mango into syrup, apricots, apples into jam, grapes , corn into wine.

We earn our living by what we earn, but we shape our life by what we give.​

— Winston Churchill​