We are there to help the most vulnerable people such as (children, the blind, the disabled, the elderly) to find accommodation.

Our objective

We have seen with our own eyes the plight of these people who do not have access to quality education, clothing and sufficient food.

Your financial support can make a difference in the lives of these people. We work with trusted volunteers to ensure donations are used effectively to meet the most urgent needs.

Your donation can provide school supplies, medicine, basic food, clothing and emotional support services to these vulnerable people. At Saint Jean du Sud.

Remuneration policy

In accordance with the provision of the articles of association, the members of the board of directors do not receive any remuneration other than compensation for the expenses incurred for the work they carry out in this capacity.

Become a Donor

If you want to help, You can do so with a donation of any amount.

You can also support us with a monthly donation.

We thank you, also on behalf of these people, for your help.